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§10.7. Electricity and Magnetism

Electrons are so tiny, and move so fast, that we will never want to simulate them in ordinary IF. So we simply regard electricity and magnetism as behaviours which are either present or not present, and which have instantaneous effects.

In Witnessed 1, batteries provide electricity to enable a "device" to work. Even if switched on, a device with no battery will be ineffective.

Larger voltages are exposed in Electrified, which makes certain items untouchable, and ensures that an experienced electrician will not even try.

Rules of Attraction provides for a magnet which attracts metallic items just strongly enough to stick together until pulled apart for any reason.

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*ExampleRules of Attraction
A magnet which picks up nearby metal objects, and describes itself appropriately in room descriptions and inventory listings, but otherwise goes by its ordinary name.

Adding a rule before the basic accessibility rule that will prevent the player from touching electrified objects under the wrong circumstances.

***ExampleWitnessed 1
A kind of battery which can be put into different devices, and which will lose power after extended use.