The Two Books

The Inform app comes with two books built in. These are interwoven, and contain nearly 500 examples of the system in use. Writing with Inform is a tutorial, centred around building familiarity, one new topic at a time. The Inform Recipe Book is based instead about different things you might want to simulate: money, clothing, liquids, conversation, breakable glass, the human body, and so on.

The books are part of every download and in some ways it’s better to read them there. (You can click on an example and see it working, and so on.) But the full text of the two books is also found on this website, for the benefit of Mr Google:

Writing with Inform

The Inform Recipe Book

Alphabetical index of the examples

Thematic index of the examples

The Change Log

At one time, changes to Inform were logged on the website, but they now live in the GitHub repository for the source code. See:

Version history