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§13.2. Publishing

These three examples simply show what can be done using Inform's EPS-format map output, if one is willing to tweak the design in some vector-art program. Unfortunately, at present, there are few alternatives to Adobe Illustrator - a superb but very expensive program - in the field of EPS editing, and indeed, of vector art generally: this is especially the case for Windows users. Inkscape is a usable free alternative, but it needs to have EPS files translated to PDFs before they can be used. On Mac OS X, the built-in Preview application can do this; otherwise the open-source Ghostscript might be used, but it can be a pain to install. Still, for the IF author who does have EPS editing facilities available, Inform will play nicely with them.

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Creating a floorplan of the cathedral using the locations from previous examples.

*ExamplePort Royal 5
Port Royal scenario given instructions for an EPS map.

*ExampleBay Leaves and Honey Wine
Creating a map of Greece using the locations from previous examples.