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§13.2. What sentences are made up from

A sentence consists of two nouns with a verb between them. Usually, the two nouns are descriptions, as in:

Mr Collins is in a lighted room.

Here "Mr Collins" and "a lighted room" are descriptions. But there are sentences where one or both of the nouns is a value of some other kind. For instance, in

if the score is greater than 10, ...

the sentence "the score is greater than 10" consists of two number values ("the score" and "10") connected by a verb part ("is greater than").

This chapter is about getting the most out of sentences by defining new verbs to express ideas not already built in to Inform. Before we can define a new sentence verb, however, we must first look at the meanings of verbs: which Inform calls "relations".

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***ExampleFormal syntax of sentences
A more formal description of the sentence grammar used by Inform for both assertions and conditions.