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§17.3. Overriding existing commands

Suppose we are devising specialist commands for a game of whist, and we want "discard" as one of them. Looking at the table of commands in the Action index, we find that, inconveniently enough, "discard" already has a meaning: it is synonymous with "drop", and while that might be sensible most of the time, it is perfectly wrong now. We need a way to free up "discard" for our own use. We can do that by:

Understand the command "discard" as something new.

This cuts it loose, so to speak, and ready to be given new meanings. If we check the Actions index again, we find no mention of "discard" - it is now a blank slate - but "drop" is still exactly as it was. We could now say something like:

Understand "discard [something]" as discarding.

(If we had declared that "drop" was something new, the whole thing would have happened in reverse, with "discard" retaining all of the original grammar. Inform does not distinguish between a command and its synonym.)

The "... as something new" sentence works even for a command which did not exist anyway, for instance with:

Understand the command "zylqix" as something new.

Of course this does nothing - but it is intentional that it generates no problem messages: it means that the sentence can be used to force a command to be fresh and untouched by previous definitions, which might be useful when working with extensions by other people.

It is also possible to clear out all the commands leading to a given action:

Understand nothing as taking.

The commands "take" and "get" will still exist, but now they'll only have their other senses (for taking off clothes, for getting out of boxes).

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*ExampleThe Trouble with Printing
Making a READ command, distinct from EXAMINE, for legible objects.

**ExampleLanista 2
Randomized combat in which the damage done depends on what weapons the characters are wielding, and in which an ATTACK IT WITH action is created to replace regular attacking. Also folds a new DIAGNOSE command into the system.