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§18.11. Printing the plural name of something

1. When it happens. Only when a group of identical items is present in the same place, and are being described jointly with text like "You can see five gold rings here." The activity happens after "five" and before "here." (See the activity "printing a number of something" if the whole phrase needs to be altered.)

2. The default behaviour. The plural name - in this case "gold rings" - is printed out.

3. Examples. (a) Suppose we want to emphasise how nice it is to have more than one gold ring:

paste.png Rule for printing the plural name of a gold ring: say "gleaming gold rings".

(b) If the number needs changing as well, it's necessary to use the "printing a number of something" activity instead.

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**ExampleHudsucker Industries
Letters which are described differently as a group, depending on whether the player has read none, some, or all of them, and on whether they are alike or unlike.