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§18.4. While clauses

Rules applied to actions can become baroque ("after going through a door in the presence of an animal when -" and so on and so forth), but activities are again simpler: they only have one possible clause attached, which is called "while". For instance, the following would provide a fairly sledgehammer hint that the sack should not lightly be thrown away:

The sack is a player's holdall. The sack is carried. Rule for printing the name of the sack while the sack is not carried: say "your abandoned sack".

Any condition can be given after the "while", and we can also specify that another activity has to be going on. Thus:

Rule for printing the name of the lemon sherbet while listing contents: say "curious sort of lemon sherbet sweet".

This nicely distinguishes between contexts where it's appropriate to be more verbose, and where it isn't. Thus:

You can see a teaspoon and a curious sort of lemon sherbet sweet here.
teaspoon: Taken.
lemon sherbet: Taken.

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