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§25.10. A website

Much of the published IF of the last twenty years came with a brief text file describing what it was - a release note. Today it makes more sense to write this as a small web page, which can either be placed online, or simply distributed as part of the release.

Inform is able to manufacture such a website automatically. We request this by writing, for instance,

Release along with cover art, a website, a file of "Collegio magazine" called "Collegio.pdf" and a file of "The mating call of the green wyvern" called "Mating Wyverns.mp3".

where the list of ingredients now includes "a website". In fact, Inform makes only a single web page, called "index.html", which it places in the materials folder (as set up in the previous section): this then contains suitable links to all the other material, such as the cover art images, if they are also provided. For instance:


After a successful release now, then, we should see:

Works in Progress
        Mating Wyverns.mp3
            Mating Wyverns.mp3
            Small Cover.jpg

("Release/Small Cover.jpg" is a form of the cover image intended for display at a smaller size. In earlier versions of Inform, the author had to provide this: there is now no need.)

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