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§7.5. After rules

There is pleasantly little to be said about "after" rules. If an action has survived all the rules in its way, and has actually succeeded, then we need to give the player a response which acknowledges this. Inform's normal rules will be sufficient to say something undramatic: for instance, if "taking the napkin" has succeeded then it will reply "Taken." to the player.

An after rule is an opportunity to say something more interesting:

After taking the diamonds, say "Taken!"

(Well, slightly more interesting.) After rules automatically end the action (as a success), which is what we would want in the above case. Allowing it to continue would simply result in "Taken." being printed as well. However, should we really need to do something and then carry on:

After taking the diamonds: say "(Mr Beebe looks up sharply.) "; continue the action.

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*ExampleMorning After
When the player picks something up which he hasn't already examined, the object is described.