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§7.7. The other four senses

The five senses are all simulated with actions. Sight is so informative that it is handled by a whole range of actions: "looking", which describes the general scene; "examining something", which takes a closer look at a specific thing; "looking under something", and so on.

The other senses have one action each: "listening to something", "touching something", "tasting something" and "smelling something". It makes no sense to touch or taste the general scene, but listening and smelling are a different matter: we often just listen, without listening to anything specific. If the player types the command "listen", Inform understands that as listening to the current location: similarly for the bare command "smell". Thus:

Instead of listening to the Seashore, say "The song of gulls."

Instead of smelling the Cave, say "Salt and old seaweed."

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***ExampleThe Art of Noise
Things are all assigned their own noise (or silence). Listening to the room in general reports on all the things that are currently audible.