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§8.17. Looking at containment by hand

The descriptions outlined in the last few sections are intended to deal with almost all of the routine questions we might have about what currently resides where. It should be a last resort to use the following more primitive way to inspect the world.

holder of (object) ... object

This phrase produces the container, supporter, carrier, wearer or room in which the object resides.

It's sometimes useful to go the other way. When something has possessions, we can find them out one at a time by running through a list.

first thing held by (object) ... object

This phrase produces the first of the list of things held by the object. Example:

first thing held by Baroness Orczy

next thing held after (object) ... object

This phrase produces the next item of the list of things held by something. Example: suppose Baroness Orczy is carrying a lapdog and a string of pearls.

next thing held after the lapdog

is then the string of pearls.

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