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§8.6. Whose property?

This seems a useful point to clarify something already seen. We normally call a property with a value something like:

the printed name of the West Ballroom

We are sometimes allowed to omit the "of the ..." part, and simply call it "the printed name", for the sake of brevity. For instance, the following room description:

The West Ballroom is a room. "A handsome sweep of chequered floor beckons the eye into the [printed name]."

will result in "West Ballroom" being substituted for "[printed name]". Since the text belongs to the West Ballroom, that is assumed to be the owner of any properties named in its description. Similarly:

Instead of examining something, say "Hmm, let me see: [printed name]..."

Here the owner of the "printed name" is assumed to be the noun referred to in the action - in other words, the "something" alluded to in the rule.

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