A feature giving minimal support for switchable devices.

§1. The Devices feature does just one thing: it applies an indicator property to things of the kind "device". This used to be accomplished by the Standard Rules in a clumsy sort of way (with a direct I6 code injection), but in the age of Inter we want to avoid that sort of tomfoolery.

void PL::Devices::start(void) {
    PluginCalls::plug(NEW_BASE_KIND_NOTIFY_PLUG, PL::Devices::new_base_kind_notify);
    PluginCalls::plug(COMPLETE_MODEL_PLUG, PL::Devices::IF_complete_model);

§2. As usual with notable kinds, this is recognised by its English name, so there is no need to translate this.

<notable-device-kinds> ::=


kind *K_device = NULL;
int PL::Devices::new_base_kind_notify(kind *new_base, text_stream *name, wording W) {
    if (<notable-device-kinds>(W)) { K_device = new_base; return TRUE; }
    return FALSE;

int PL::Devices::IF_complete_model(int stage) {
    if (stage == WORLD_STAGE_III) {
        property *P_switchable = EitherOrProperties::new_nameless(I"switchable");
		RTProperties::recommend_storing_as_attribute(P_switchable, TRUE);
        instance *I;
        LOOP_OVER_INSTANCES(I, K_object)
            if (Instances::of_kind(I, K_device))
                    P_switchable, Instances::as_subject(I), TRUE, CERTAIN_CE);
    return FALSE;