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§1.2. Acknowledgements

David Fisher's "Past raif topics" pages on the Interactive Fiction Wiki were an invaluable tool during the early design of these examples, as they catalog an enormous assortment of implementation problems encountered by IF authors over the past fifteen years.

Thanks also go to Nick Montfort for several conversations during the development of Inform: these inspired a number of ideas about how the author should be able to control the textual output of a story, and suggested specific problem areas to work on.

Jeff Nyman provided extensive feedback about using Writing with Inform in workshops of aspiring IF authors from both programming and conventional fiction writing backgrounds. His observations about the concerns of conventional writers first encountering IF were especially useful, and had a great influence on the organization of the Recipe Book. While the results may not meet all the needs he identified, we hope to have taken a step in the right direction.

A few examples were contributed by denizens of Jesse McGrew, Jon Ingold, Mike Tarbert, Eric Rossing, and Kate McKee offered such elegant implementations of various tasks that we have folded their contributions (with permission) into the Recipe Book.

Finally, these pages owe much to the questions and suggestions of Inform users on and ifMUD.

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