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§1.3. Disenchantment Bay

"Disenchantment Bay" is a simple work of IF used as a running example in Chapter 3 of Writing with Inform - not so much a tutorial as a convenient hook on which to hang some demonstrations of the basics. Because the resulting examples only use basic features and in the most straightforward way, they make for uninteresting "recipes" - so they are not included in the Recipe Book proper. But some readers might like to have all twelve stages of the example gathered on a single page: this is that page.

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*ExampleDisenchantment Bay 1
A running example in this chapter, Disenchantment Bay, involves chartering a boat. This is the first step: creating the cabin.

*ExampleDisenchantment Bay 2
Disenchantment Bay: creating some of the objects in the cabin's description.

*ExampleDisenchantment Bay 3
Disenchantment Bay: adding a view of the glacier.

*ExampleDisenchantment Bay 4
Disenchantment Bay: fleshing out the descriptions of things on the boat.

*ExampleDisenchantment Bay 5
Disenchantment Bay: adding the door and the deck to our charter boat.

*ExampleDisenchantment Bay 6
Disenchantment Bay: locking up the charter boat's fishing rods.

*ExampleDisenchantment Bay 7
Disenchantment Bay: making the radar and instruments switch on and off.

*ExampleDisenchantment Bay 9
Disenchantment Bay: enter the charter boat's Captain.

*ExampleDisenchantment Bay 10
Disenchantment Bay: things for the player and the characters to wear and carry.

*ExampleDisenchantment Bay 11
Disenchantment Bay: making a holdall of the backpack.

**ExampleDisenchantment Bay 8
Disenchantment Bay: a pushable chest of ice for the boat.

****ExampleDisenchantment Bay 12
A final trip to Disenchantment Bay: the scenario turned into a somewhat fuller scene, with various features that have not yet been explained.