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§3.9. Passers-By, Weather and Astronomical Events

Out of doors, nature is seldom still. Clouds scull by at random, as in Weathering, and provide some variety in what would otherwise be lifelessly static room descriptions. In much the same way, passers-by and other diversions make a city street a constant bustle: see Uptown Girls for this human breeze. A more nagging sense of atmosphere can be experienced in Full Moon.

Orange Cones offers traffic that is present on every road in the story unless a room is marked off with orange cones -- and this is allowed to change during play.

Night and Day and Totality each schedule celestial events to provide a changing display in the sky above, and this time running like clockwork rather than at random.

* See Scene Changes for meteors and a moon-rise

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The automatic weather station atop Mt. Pisgah shows randomly fluctuating temperature, pressure and cloud cover.

*ExampleFull Moon
Random atmospheric events which last the duration of a scene.

*ExampleNight and Day
Cycling through a sequence of scenes to represent day and night following one another during a game.

To schedule an eclipse of the sun, which involves a number of related events.

***ExampleOrange Cones
Creating a traffic backdrop that appears in all road rooms except the one in which the player has laid down orange cones.

***ExampleUptown Girls
A stream of random pedestrians who go by the player.