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§4.4. Scene Changes

In a plot that takes place over multiple locations or has several distinct scenes, we may want to move the player or change the scenery around him. Age of Steam brings a train on and off-stage as the plot requires. Meteoric similarly brings a meteor into view at a certain time of day, showing off several implementations depending on whether or not the player is supposed to be able to refer to the meteor after it has gone.

Entrevaux constructs an organized system such that all scenes have their own lists of props and associated locations, and props are moved on and off automatically. Scene changes are also announced with a pause and a new title, such as "Chapter 2: Abduction".

Space Patrol - Stranded on Jupiter inserts an interlude in which the player's possessions and clothes are switched for new ones and the player moved to a new location - and then put back where he started from.

* See Flashbacks for more ways to move the player from one level of reality to another

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*ExampleAge of Steam
The railway-station examples so far put together into a short game called "Age of Steam".

**ExampleMeteoric I and II
A meteor in the night sky which is visible from many rooms, so needs to be a backdrop, but which does not appear until 11:31 PM.

**ExampleSpace Patrol - Stranded on Jupiter!
We'll be back in just a moment, with more exciting adventures of the... Space Patrol!

Organizing the game by scenes, where each scene has a location and prop lists so that it can be set up automatically.