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§10.6. More general linkages

We are allowed to link the beginning or end of any scene to the beginning or end of any other scene. So, for instance:

Luggage Trouble is a scene. Luggage Trouble begins when Brief Encounter begins.

Thus the two scenes run concurrently, at least for a while. We can also add that:

Luggage Trouble ends when Brief Encounter ends.

This can be useful when a large, complicated scene really contains several smaller sub-scenes.

A special exceptional case is that we can have any scene or scenes starting right at the outset:

Railway Meeting is a scene. Railway Meeting begins when play begins.

When play ends, of course, all scenes end, so there is no need to say that.

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*ExampleThe Prague Job
Scenes used to provide pacing while the player goes through his possessions.

Organizing the game by scenes, where each scene has a location and prop lists so that it can be set up automatically.