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§5.2. Traits Determined By the Player

Some IF tries to make the viewpoint character more congenial to the player by allowing some customization.

Identity Theft demonstrates asking the player to supply the viewpoint character's name.

Pink or Blue demonstrates a way to let the player choose a gender at the start of play: this will mostly be interesting if the rest of the story makes some use of the player's choice. Since that example is written expressly to demonstrate included Inform 6 code, however, we may find it more congenial to generalize from the more flexible Baritone, Bass.

This is not the only way to go - as we'll see in the next section, there's also something to be said for making the viewpoint character a strongly distinct creature with well-defined preferences and attitudes.

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*ExampleIdentity Theft
Allowing the player to enter a name to be used for the player character during the game.

***ExampleBaritone, Bass
Letting the player pick a gender (or perhaps other characteristics) before starting play.

***ExamplePink or Blue
Asking the player to select a gender to begin play.