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§12.16. Reaching inside and reaching outside rules

The flow chart back at the start of this chapter shows that, early on in processing an action (between Before and Instead), Inform asks the question "Can we see or touch things?" This is where it enforces the requirements in the action's definition:

Photographing is an action applying to one visible thing and requiring light.
Scraping it with is an action applying to two things.

Seeing and touching are two different questions, which Inform answers in different ways. We shall see ways to modify or entirely alter what can be seen using the "deciding the scope of something" activity when we get to the Understanding and Activities chapters, and later in this chapter we will change the definition of touchability. What both have in common is that they are complicated questions, affected by the circumstances. We cannot simply declare that the player can touch a given lever, or can see in a given room: we must arrange for there to be no barriers between the player and the lever, or for there to be a light source in the room.

An example of rules applying to given objects is provided by the way that Inform decides whether the player can reach something or not. For instance, suppose the following:

paste.png The Laboratory is a room. In the Laboratory is a conical flask. The flask is closed and transparent. In the flask is an antibumping granule.

The player will be able to examine the granule but not to take it, as that would require reaching through glass. Suppose the player does type TAKE GRANULE: then Inform looks for potential barriers between the player and the granule, and of course finds the conical flask. If, as in this case, the thing to be touched is on the inside, then Inform asks the "reaching inside" rules for permission. There are two reaching inside rules built in to Inform:

can't reach inside rooms rule
can't reach inside closed containers rule

and in fact the second of these rules will cause the taking action to fail, because the conical flask is a closed container. (The other rule has to do with a player in one room able to see another room through, say, a telescope - merely having a line of sight doesn't give the ability to reach into the frame.)

Symmetrically, Inform also has "reaching outside" rules, used if the player is inside something and wants to reach an object in the wider room. (From a bed, probably yes; from a cage, probably no.) This ordinarily contains just one rule:

can't reach outside closed containers rule

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An alternative to backdrops when we want something to be visible from a distance but only touchable from one room.