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§18.37. Printing the banner text

1. When it happens. The banner is the bibliographic masthead text, which typically looks something like this:

An Interactive Fiction by Emily Short
Release 1 / Serial number 050630 / Inform 7 build 2U98 (I6/v6.30 lib 6/10N) SD

(The serial and build numbers are those applying when the story file was last made: these ones are from the mid-2000s.) The banner is printed at the start of play, and when the player types "version" at the command line, and when say "[banner text]" occurs.

say "[the/-- banner text]"

This text substitution expands to the banner text giving bibliographic details of the current story file, rather like the opening credits of a movie, or the title page of a book.

2. The default behaviour. Prints the text above, giving the title, the headline, the author, the release number, the date of compilation (that's the serial number: YYMMDD), and version numbers of the Inform components used to put the story together.

3. Examples. (a) Adding a line to the banner:

After printing the banner text, say "DRM authentication code: 13S-451-2034u75y65u%%a1248."

(b) Simplifying the banner:

Rule for printing the banner text: say "Welcome." instead.

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*ExampleBikini Atoll
Delaying the banner for later.