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§18.38. Printing the player's obituary

1. When it happens. The obituary is the text "*** You have died ***" or similar, sometimes followed by a final score, if the appropriate use option ("Use scoring.") is in force.

2. The default behaviour. Printing the aforementioned text, then the final score, and reducing the status line to a largely blank state.

3. Examples. Here's one way to add to the verdict of history:

paste.png After printing the player's obituary: say "And you visited [number of visited rooms] place[s]."

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*ExampleBattle of Ridgefield
Completely replacing the endgame text and stopping the game without giving the player a chance to restart or restore.

Not mentioning UNDO in the final set of options.

*ExampleJamaica 1688
Adding a feature to the final question after victory, so that the player can choose to reveal notes about items in the game.