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§18.39. Amusing a victorious player

1. When it happens. When the player chooses "AMUSING" from the short menu of choices after a story has been won. Traditionally, this is where the author gets to point out quirky by-ways of the story, or make some final acknowledgements, or simply salute the player's perseverance. Note that the AMUSING option is only offered when the story has ended finally, and that it is only offered if there is at least one rule present in the "for amusing a victorious player" rulebook.

2. The default behaviour. None. The "for amusing a victorious player" rulebook is empty by default, and no amusement is available.

3. Examples. The format would be like so:

paste.png Rule for amusing a victorious player: say "Hmm. You're easily amused."

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Offering the player a menu of things to read after winning the game.