Funding Inform

Inform has a volunteer-run project. Many people give up their time to make the software work for everyone. We aren’t, at this point, raising money to cover salaries via Patreon or by direct donations.

But we do have to raise a little funding, for smaller-ticket items ranging from web hosting to occasional design costs. Think of this page as a tip jar.

How to contribute

Rather than paying Inform directly, we’d ask those who can spare it to make a donation to the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation. IFTF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organisation based in the USA. That makes it eligible if you are working for a company with a matching-donations scheme, where the employer donates alongside the employee, thus doubling the money. But of course anybody can chip in, by PayPal.

IFTF logo

The IFTF does many invaluable things, but among those is to provide support infrastructure for the major IF projects, Inform included. So you’d be helping us, along with other fine people, if you contributed.