The current help information as it would be printed at the command line.

§1. Running Inter with -help currently produces the following summary:

For handling intermediate Inform code.

usage: inter file1 file2 ... [options]

-annotations        print out table of all symbol annotations in the Inter language
-architecture X     generate Inter with architecture X
-build-kit X        build Inter kit X for the current architecture
-constructs         print out table of all constructs in the Inter language
-domain X           specify folder to read/write inter files from/to
-format=X           code-generate -o output to format X (default is Text)
-internal X         specify folder of internal Inform resources
-o X                code-generate to file X
-pipeline-file X    specify pipeline as file X
-pipeline-text X    specify pipeline textually, with X being a comma-separated list of stages
-primitives         print out table of all primitive invocations in the Inter language
-trace              print out all pipeline steps as they are followed (default is -no-trace)
-variable X         set pipeline variable X (in form name=value)

-at X               specify that this tool is installed at X
-crash              intentionally crash on internal errors, for backtracing (default is -no-crash)
-fixtime            pretend the time is 11 a.m. on 28 March 2016 for testing (default is -no-fixtime)
-help               print this help information
-locale X           set locales as 'L=E', L being shell or console, E platform, utf-8 or iso-latin1
-log X              write the debugging log to include diagnostics on X
-version            print out version number