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§2.3. Using the Player's Input

We may sometimes want to capture specific words the player has used and then feature that text elsewhere in the story.

Terracottissima Maxima demonstrates using text to describe objects; Mr. Burns' Repast lets the player refer to a fish by any of a number of names, and changes the way the fish is described as a result.

More specialized effects are also possible: Xot shows how to collect the player's erroneous input and store the command line to be printed back later. Igpay Atinlay shows how to parrot the player's command back in pig Latin form.

* See Animals for a dog which the player can re-name

* See Traits Determined By the Player for a way to let the player name the player character

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*ExampleIgpay Atinlay
A pig Latin filter for the player's commands.

**ExampleMr. Burns' Repast
Letting the player guess types for an unidentifiable fish.

***ExampleTerracottissima Maxima
Flowerpots with textual names that might change during play.

Storing an invalid command to be repeated as text later in the game.