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§8.3. Animals

Animals exhibit a wide range of behaviour: much of the chapter on Other Characters applies just as well to animals as to human beings, with the exception of the material on conversation. But two examples here, both fairly simple, show how a fairly convincing domestic pet can be achieved simply by reacting to certain events going on nearby: Feline Behavior (a cat) and Today Tomorrow (a dog).

Fido provides a dog which the player can re-name at will.

For animals that we can sit on and ride - a camel or a horse, say - we may want to use the Rideable Vehicles extension by Graham Nelson, which also provides a rideable animal kind.

* See Liveliness for pets that change what they're doing every time the player looks

* See Bags, Bottles, Boxes and Safes for a cat that eats food put in its container

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*ExampleFeline Behavior
A cat which reacts to whatever items it has handy, returning the result of a rulebook for further processing.

A dog the player can name and un-name at will.

**ExampleToday Tomorrow
A few notes on "In the presence of" and how it interacts with concealed objects.