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§6.10. Entering and Exiting, Sitting and Standing

Under ordinary circumstances, Inform does not keep track of the player's posture, nor of his exact location in a room. Lies implements a room in which the player can lie in different positions on the floor, getting different views as a result.

Our other examples are all modifications of the way Inform handles player movement to make better default guesses at what he wants to do: Anchorite adds a GET DOWN and DOWN command that work when the player is on a supporter, to accompany GET UP, GET OFF, and GET OUT (already understood). Get Axe makes the player get out of a portable container before attempting to lift it - a consideration that comes up relatively rarely, but that might pertain to inflatable rafts, beanbag chairs, and other lightweight but capacious pieces of furniture.

* See Position Within Rooms for a box the player can push around the room and stand on in different locations

* See The Human Body for letting the player sit, stand, or lie down systematically on furniture or on the floor

* See Furniture for various objects on which the player can sit or stand

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*ExampleGet Axe
Changing the check rules to try automatically leaving a container before attempting to take it. (And arranging things so that other people will do likewise.)

By default, Inform understands GET OFF, GET UP, or GET OUT when the player is sitting or standing on an enterable object. We might also want to add GET DOWN and DOWN as exit commands, though.

Commands to allow the player to lie down in three different ways.