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§8.4. Furniture

Most domestic furniture consists of supporters and containers of one size or another. This means that the simplest furniture needs no elaborate instructions:

The candlestick is on the dining table. The dining table is fixed in place.

The silver salt cellar is on the serving trolley. The serving trolley is pushable between rooms.

The pillow is on the bed. The bed is enterable and fixed in place.

The examples below are therefore mostly ways to get around the usual restrictions on containers (that they only have one interior) and supporters (that they cannot simultaneously be containers as well).

Yolk of Gold provides a set of drawers, that is, a container with multiple interiors.

U-Stor-It provides a way to have containers with a lid which is also a supporter.

Swigmore provides a supporter which holds up the player, but has no top surface as such, and cannot hold up anything else. Kiwi demonstrates a kind of high shelf, whose objects cannot be seen or used unless the player stands on a ladder.

Princess and the Pea shows how a pile of supporters, each on top of the last, could be managed.

Tamed demonstrates furniture large enough to get inside, or on top of.

Circle of Misery demonstrates a conveyor belt, which can hold multiple items but only brings one of them within the player's reach at a time.

* See Position Within Rooms for a box that can be positioned and used as a stepping stool

* See The Human Body for letting the player take different postures on furniture or on the floor

* See Room Descriptions for tables and other furniture whose content listing is suppressed or modified in a room description

* See Entering and Exiting, Sitting and Standing for making the player automatically rise from a seat before leaving the room

* See Clocks and Scientific Instruments for a grandfather clock

* See Kitchen and Bathroom for a mirror the player can look into

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Examples of a container and a supporter that can be entered, as well as nested rooms.

*ExamplePrincess and the Pea
The player is unable to sleep on a mattress (or stack of mattresses) because the bottom one has something uncomfortable under it.

Creating a raised supporter kind whose contents the player can't see or take from the ground.

*ExampleCircle of Misery
Retrieving items from an airport luggage carousel is such fun, how can we resist simulating it, using a list as a ring buffer?

**ExampleYolk of Gold
Set of drawers where the item the player seeks is always in the last drawer he opens, regardless of the order of opening.

**ExampleSwigmore U.
Adding a new kind of supporter called a perch, where everything dropped lands on the floor.

A "chest" kind which consists of a container which has a lid as a supporter.