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§6.12. Other Built-In Actions

Many other actions are themselves very simply implemented and provide only a shell for us to expand on according to the needs of a particular story. Many of these are discussed at more length in sections on various kinds of props and objects; in particular:

* See Modifying Existing Commands for ways to override automatic takes or restrictions on what the player must be able to hold or touch

* See Sounds for LISTEN

* See Barter and Exchange for GIVE and SHOW

* See Combat and Death for ATTACK

* See Saying Simple Things for ASK, TELL, and ANSWER

* See Food for TASTE and EAT

* See Liquids for DRINK

* See Clothing for WEAR and TAKE OFF

* See Bags, Bottles, Boxes and Safes for OPEN, CLOSE, LOCK, and UNLOCK as applied to containers

* See Doors, Staircases, and Bridges for OPEN, CLOSE, LOCK, and UNLOCK as applied to doors

* See Furniture for things the player can ENTER and GET OUT of

* See Money for BUY

* See Fire for BURN

* See Glass and Other Damage-Prone Substances for CUT

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