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Chapter 9: Props: Food, Clothing, Money, Toys, Books, Electronics

§9.1. Food; §9.2. Bags, Bottles, Boxes and Safes; §9.3. Clothing; §9.4. Money; §9.5. Dice and Playing Cards; §9.6. Reading Matter; §9.7. Painting and Labeling Devices; §9.8. Simple Machines; §9.9. Televisions and Radios; §9.10. Telephones; §9.11. Clocks and Scientific Instruments; §9.12. Cameras and Recording Devices

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§9.1. Food

Inform provides an either/or property called "edible" and an action, "eating", for consuming edible things:

The lardy cake is edible. After eating the lardy cake, say "Sticky but delicious."

For eating something not immediately to hand, see Lollipop Guild. Delicious, Delicious Rocks, conversely, adds a sanity check which prevents the player from automatically taking inedible things only to be told they can't be eaten.

Inform does not normally simulate taste or digestion, but to provide foods with a range of flavours, see Would you...?; to make eating different foods affect the player differently, see Stone, or for the extreme case of poisoning foods, Candy. In MRE, hunger causes the player problems unless he regularly finds and eats food.

* See Liquids for things to drink

* See Dispensers and Supplies of Small Objects for a pizza buffet table from which the player may take all the slices he wants

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*ExampleWould you...?
Adding new properties to objects, and checking for their presence.

One of several identical candies chosen at the start of play to be poisonous.

Hunger that eventually kills the player, and foodstuffs that can delay the inevitable by different amounts of time.

A soup to which the player can add ingredients, which will have different effects when the player eats.

***ExampleDelicious, Delicious Rocks
Adding a "sanity-check" stage to decide whether an action makes any sense, which occurs before any before rules, implicit taking, or check rules.