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Chapter 23: Figures, Sounds and Files

§23.1. Beyond text; §23.2. How IF views pictures; §23.3. Virtual machines and story file formats; §23.4. Gathering the figures; §23.5. Declaring and previewing the figures; §23.6. Displaying the figures; §23.7. Recorded sounds; §23.8. Declaring and playing back sounds; §23.9. Providing accessibility text; §23.10. Some technicalities about figures and sounds; §23.11. Files; §23.12. Declaring files; §23.13. Writing and reading tables to external files; §23.14. Writing, reading and appending text to files; §23.15. Exchanging files with other programs

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§23.1. Beyond text

In this chapter, we explore a number of ways to go beyond the traditional text-only, one-story-file-only model for IF.

These relatively exotic features are more demanding of the interpreter which a player uses than a plain text story file would be. They can only be used if the project is being compiled to the Glulx story file format (see the Settings panel for the project), and even then, the player will need to have a good Glulx interpreter - one which is reasonably up to date and well-written, that is - to be sure of everything working as intended.

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